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set up & using your site

Being able to generate reports, monitor production and setting up the purchasing process to match your needs is easily managed with your Web to Print site.  Real time reporting is available anytime, all you need to do is login to generate your report.  There are many standard filters that exist to generate reports.  All reports can be downloaded in excel or as PDF’s and can be downloaded as many times as needed with no additional cost. If you are a broker and interested in our print broker website for Web to Print, please contact us. We can create Web to Print software for print brokers that will make your online orders seamless. 

setting up your site

  1. Coordinate with POV to get your products uploaded to your Web to Print site.


    • High resolution PDF file(s) (with crops and bleeds). ​

    • Font files (.ttf / .otf) for the fonts used in your product(s).

    • If your product(s) require variable data, simply let us know which fields need to be editable and if any specific text rules need to be applied.

  3. Set up usernames / passwords for authorized users of the Web to Print site

  4. We will set up the site for you and upload your products into menus


Once your website has been set up, your web to print online print ordering system will be a free Web to print storefront for anyone you have set up an account. This can be a multi-use account. We can make it so a supervisor has the ability to approve your online print orders, including offset printing orders! 

This is what a general Web to Print site will look like after logging in. There is an organized list of Products listed in the left hand menu that you can order from any time, day or night!

digital assets

You no longer need to worry about where your files are stored or if you have a change in staff, computer failure, or archive issues. This is helpful when it comes to re-ordering, as you can access your files at any time to see what version you are on or if revisions need to be made. Lets say you have a staff member who is traveling and needed to get to the files – they are accessible online 24/7 using a set login.  Everything is organized and right at your fingertips! 


Once you have a collection of company products on your Write to Print site, you are essentially building a portfolio of your common print products. Your products will be categorized as PDF files and can be downloaded as needed.

ordering online

1. Login to your site

2. Select Product

3. Enter quantity / style / production time / shipping & additional instructions

4. Click the "Customize" button

5. Review proof / input information (for variable products only)

6. Check the Approval box when product is ready to move into production

7. When your ready to checkout, select payment option and confirm order.

Once your Web to Print order has been placed, you will receive an electronic notification so that you know that your order has successfully gone through the order portal.  Upon approving an order, we will be sent order details as well as print-ready artwork and production will begin immediately. You can log into your account at anytime and see where the order is in production.

This is what your product ordering screen will look like. The customization option will be a colored button underneath ordering options (circled in red here).


Need to get additional approval on projects before they can go to print? We can set-up your site to require an additional approval step. This way all products are channeled through one central person who can confirm the order before it comes directly into production. This way you can maintain control of the system and what is being purchased.

A product MUST be approved before it can become an order. Check the approval box (pointed out above) to ensure that art is print ready with no errors.

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