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budgeting for your site

basic costs


Variable Data product: $75.00 per product *

Standard products (no variable data): Free and Unlimited 

* Upon review of variable data, additional pricing may apply


** At the completion of the first quarter we will review your account and determine if your status is correct in accordance with purchasing history.


Our platform is structured to manage secure credit card transactions.  Billing options can be explored based on volumes and meeting credit requirements.  Other options can include existing credit card centers that the customer may already be running for other applications – there are additional integration cost associated with this application.


Variable Product design and quarterly fees (if applicable) are charged to the “host” of the website.  All variable data products are charged at the time of the request prior to beginning the project. For resale pricing, broker & agency, or wholesale pricing, please contact our sales department at (440) 591-5443 x227

standard url's 

You will be using an abbreviated URL that shares our company name.  Each site is set-up with your unique name and is password / cryptic secured. 



IF you prefer to have a personal domain we can provide one for you for an additional cost (options vary depending on availability)

PERSONALIZED EXAMPLE:  http://www.the 

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