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Templates & Branding Continuity standards

Tired of continuing to police the brand standards for you company? Not a problem! We build each template according to fit your specific brand continuity. Our Web to Print software there are two primary distinctions between product design templates -- static and variable templates (see below for details). All templates are built to your brand specifications.  Many sites are built with a combination of both, the classification difference depends on the product itself. Our Web to Print software makes consistent branding simple, bringing uniformity to your products, regardless of your business size.

VARIABLE products

A product template that has editable data fields, is known as a VARIABLE product. What makes a template “variable” is the option to have editable fields where users can insert / change information online. These fields are completely chosen by you so that only the necessary fields can be altered while the rest of the artwork stays static. Our Web to Print Design tool helps you update all fields so you can have the correction information for each printing part.


You may have a corporate brochure where you need to change certain information per facility. In this case, you would want employees in different locations to have the ability to edit this data on an as-needed basis. The editable information in our Web to Print editor can let you update an address, office hours, contact info or even a photo. We can make certain fields editable within your custom product template; giving you the ability to add / edit content as needed. Making your life easier is why we have our online print ordering system in place. Your company is free to use our Web to Print storefront at any time or location!



Our design department will work with you to ensure that all variable products follow your brand manual standards.  All we need from you is a high resolution PDF of your product and font files (.ttf / .otf) used in your product. If you do not have these things, our in-house designer can help you build products and/or find fonts.  If you do not have a graphic standards manual? We can help you build that too.  



For an additional cost, we can take your supplied database of your staff and load into the system with all their preset information and keeping your brand continuity. This way you can choose to insert information from a drop-down list of employees and/or information without typing in each field. Web to Print technology is on your side with making your online orders easy.

This is what a standard business card template with variable data would look like on your site.

STATIC products

These products remain the same between orders with no variable changes required. Simply provide us with a high res PDF (print ready with crops and bleeds). We can upload product artwork for your site complete with pricing, quantity and shipping information. These templates simply need approval before going into production. There are no editable fields, all product content stays static. 



Let’s say you have a corporate brochure that is used at multiple locations across your business — All your facilities use this brochure as it carries the address and contact information for the corporate office only.  In this case you would not need any editable information.

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